7 Ways to Enhance Your Law of Attraction Results.

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`7 Ways to Enhance Your Law of Attraction Results.

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The Law of Attraction works, but there are several ways you might be reducing its positive influence. If you’re not getting the results you desire, there’s an excellent chance that you’re making one or more mistakes.

A slight tune-up might be all that’s necessary to get the most from your efforts.

The Law of Attraction is like a recipe. If you skip an ingredient, or use the wrong amount, you won’t be pleased with the outcome.

Make the Law of Attraction work for you with these strategies.

  1. Be consistent. It’s important to apply the Law of Attraction on a daily basis. Think of it as exercise. You won’t get good results from an exercise program if you only exercise once. Daily effort is important if you want to see results.

  2. Be action oriented. One of the most common errors in applying the Law of Attraction is the belief that you don’t have to take any action to create results. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Whatever it is that you desire won’t just materialize out of thin air.

    1. Instead, believe that the Law of Attraction is bringing opportunities to you. It’s your job to recognize them and make the most of them. Take action when opportunities present themselves.

  3. Be 100% comfortable with what you want to attract. You must be 100% comfortable with the thing, person, or situation that you are trying to attract into your life. If you have any reservations, you’ll be unsuccessful.

    1. Visualize being successful in your efforts and notice how you feel. Do you have any reservations? If so, that’s a sign that you need to work on the resistance you feel.

    1. Visualize doing what needs to be done in order to be successful. How does that feel? Are you 100% comfortable with the steps you must take? If not, you have some work to do.

  4. Make use of the time right before falling asleep and immediately after waking up. These are the two most effective times to program your subconscious and reach out to the universe.

    1. Create a habit of visualizing success at these times. Keep it 100% positive and focus on feeling happy, excited, and proud of yourself.

  5. Avoid worrying about how you’ll accomplish something. Be focused and clear on what you desire. Avoid stressing over how you’ll make it happen. There are many ways to achieve something. You don’t have to worry about it. The right opportunity will present itself when the time is right.

    1. Worrying about how you’ll accomplish something shows doubt. It’s a negative outlook. This doesn’t work well with the Law of Attraction.

  1. Be grateful for what you already have. It’s possible to strive for more and still be grateful for what you have. Allow yourself to feel gratitude each and every day. Make a list each morning and evening. It can be a mental list or a written list. See how many things you can come up with.

  2. Follow your intuition. Your intuition is part of the process. If you have a sudden urge to call someone, pick up the phone. Do you feel the need to turn left instead of right on the way home? Do it. You’re much wiser than you realize. Give your wisdom the benefit of the doubt.

The Law of Attraction works well if you do your part. Some of the biggest mistakes are a failure to take action when an opportunity presents itself, consistency, and comfort with the desired outcome. Remember that you can’t attract what you’re not attracted to. You also can’t attract anything except chaos if you’re not willing to do any work.

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