I Am A Strong Leader.

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I am a strong leader.

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I am a magnificent leader, motivated and skilled in leading my team to victory. I enjoy being in charge and helping others while I inspire them to do their best.

I am a powerful leader. I can take command of any situation.

Those around me admire my leadership skills. They are eager to follow me. They support my dreams.

When leading a team, I know that my ultimate results depend on others.

I consider the skills and talents of each team member when I assign tasks. I delegate tasks that I am confident they can complete successfully. I give clear expectations and guidelines.

Together, my team and I enjoy achievement and success.

I command trust and respect from my team without resorting to fear tactics. My team members are happy to be by my side.

My productivity and performance levels are high. I accomplish tasks on my list with ease. I set new goals each day. My actions make it clear what I want from myself and others.

I enjoy planning my future and career. I take pride in being a leader.  

Today, my leadership skills shine. I am a strong and powerful leader. My friends and coworkers admire my leadership skills. I am confident that I can lead my team to great success in whatever project we undertake together.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I balance being a leader with being a follower?
  2. What can I do to make my leadership skills stronger?
  3. Who can help me become a better leader?

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